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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

We went to bed at a normal time the night before, and still woke early.  It was cloudy, cold and rainy today.  Josh drove us from Porirua all the way to Wellington, a fifteen-minute drive, all by himself.  I don’t know how he did it.  He drove into the big city and after directions from Kevin, we found the place to the Wellington cable car.  We got tickets and took the red cable car up the hill (which was fun!) to another lookout point.  Too bad for the weather that day…it was still pretty though.  Josh and I walked through the botanical gardens and felt like we were in a rainforest in South America.  It was so cool. I love that feeling of being out in the rugged with no other people around…just the natural world; the dirt path beneath your feet.  I’ve never seen so much plant life! Growing up in West Texas your entire life and going to college in Lubbock, the only plant life I knew was mesquite bushes.  The botanical gardens were fun and we took our time by taking lots of pictures.  The air was so clean and pure and just smelled like the earth. 

Arriving at the top of our cable car trip

We had round-trip tickets for the cable car but were at the bottom of the hill by the end of our walk in the gardens, so thought we would just walk the rest of the way to our car in the city.  Wrong move.  What should have taken like ten minutes was an hour of us getting lost, walking in the wrong direction, Uphill!  We were tired and hungry and weak and jet lagged, lost, and annoyed at each other. But we finally found the street our car was parked on, and back into the connect.  We ate lunch then walked back to our car and drove back to Kevin’s house.  We were worn out and had to resist the urge to take a nap and throw our bodies off again.  Later that night we found a KFC in town, which was nice to see something familiar.  They don’t have normal ketchup here though, so if someone wants to send me some ketchup packets, that would be great J  Here it is called Tomato sauce, and it’s very sweet.  I don’t like it.   

We bought our tickets that day to take the ferry on Monday to the South Island, where most of our job offers were.  Went to bed early that night, feeling pretty worn down and starting to feel ready to be on our own.   It’s nice having someone allow you to stay with them, it really helped us out a lot…just feeling ready to not impose on other people and also to find a place to live and get settled in.  Tomorrow was Sunday, though, and we were excited to meet more people that we had been talking to during our months of planning to get here that went to the church in Wellington.

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